Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A day with my baby

Yesterday Evie asked if I could take her to the zoo today. I agreed, since we had nothing planned, and she changed her mind to the magic house. By the end of the day, she had settled on going to Six Flags instead. That was fine with me, since it's easier to take just one girl. So after the big girls were off to school on the bus, I made pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. She told me that she is soooo happy she got to have breakfast without her sisters there. Then we cleaned up and got the stroller loaded up so we could hit the road.
It was nice to get there early. We had a prime parking spot and for the first hour we were there, she was one of about 6 kids in the Bugs Bunny area. Around 11:30, tons of teenagers arrived by the busloads, but most of them stayed away from the kiddie area. A few did wander over, and try to get on the kid rides, but they were pretty quickly steered elsewhere by the employees running the rides.

She got really excited and said, "mommy! They're running the ride just for me!" I'm glad she rode this early on, because the girl running it left, and no one ever came back to run it again. Kids were waiting and waiting, and then giving up to ride the other things.

She got to dance with Bugs and Sylvester. We don't usually run into many characters on weekdays, so it was a pleasant surprise for her.
When Sylvester gave her a hug, she shouted, "No hugs from you, cat!" and ran back to me. She had the funniest little disturbed look on her face. She told me, "I did not want to hug that guy, he's a creep". I couldn't stop laughing, and most of the parents waiting in line were cracking up too. She didn't appreciate that, so I thought it was a good time to eat some lunch.


She didn't have a problem with Scooby Doo. After she hugged him, she was asking me if we could invite him over for dinner. I told her he only eats dog food, though. I thought I was kicking some butt on the Scooby Doo ride, shooting the monsters, but when the ride was over, I noticed that she had 4000 more points than me! I have taken Kiersten on that ride before, and she ended up with 0, so I was surprised.

She really wanted to ride in the carriage on the carousel, but we were pretty far back in line, so she had to ride a horse. She said, "it was fun but kind of un-awesome".
So we got in line again at the front, and she ran straight to the carriage. I was the King, and she was the Queen. Right as I was about to take this picture she said, "isn't this romantic?" She loved riding in the carriage, but to be honest, I found it to be slightly un-awesome. hehe.
She started asking for a nap, so I figured it was time to go. So we came home and had a nice little nap together. What a perfect day. As soon as her sisters are home from school she is planning a stuffed animal wedding in her bedroom. So hopefully they'll be up for that.

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Nancy said...

I can't wait for the days to have only 1 kid at home to spoil! Sounds like a good day :)