Thursday, March 6, 2014

fun at the Magic house

Evie and I went to the magic house last week while the other girls were at school. I much prefer being there with just one kid. And she likes that she gets to do the activities that she likes.

ringing the bell.
She loved Sid the science kid, which is a little surprising, as I'm sure she has never heard of him before. But, you know, a giant cartoon in person is always a little thrilling.
Though she doesn't watch his show, she had a great time in the new Sid the science kid area. It was her favorite part, and we spent most of our time in there.

Last night, Kara told me she wants to grow up to be a mechanic. Perhaps I'll have two mechanic daughters.

She always loves the pet clinic.
It was great being there on a Thursday morning. She actually got to use this pizza oven, which is usually overrun with older kids. There were several activities she was able to spend more time at, that are usually crowded and rushed on the weekends.

In the pretend bank, she sat down and kept saying, "this is my dad job", "I'm a daddy", and "I have to get a little dad work done now". She also took a phone call from "da boss" while she was working.

spying on the mice.

The kids always think it's so funny when I pretend that I can't tell the real kid from the reflections. She kept saying, "find the one that's moving, Mom!"
I thought I'd impress her by making a heart next to where she was working. When I asked what she thought, she said, "It's not that cool, mom".
She made paper lolly pops for her sisters, but I think we forgot to go back and grab them when we were leaving.

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