Saturday, March 15, 2014

SIX years old

Kiersten turned 6 years old! All she wanted for breakfast was pop tarts. I was okay with that, because we slept in a little late.
Evie had cub club, so she was at school for an extra 2 1/2 hours. That gave me plenty of time to decorate and wrap gifts.
I made her a giant cookie instead of doing another cake. She always asks for these at the store. But I think frosting on a chocolate chip cookie is too much. So I made whipped cream and added in a little maraschino cherry juice while I was whipping it, to turn it pink. It was a big hit. I realize now, seeing the picture, that it looks like I put an "8" at the bottom. But that's just supposed to be a bunch of flowers...
My little helper. She was so excited to help me. (help me lick the bowl and spoon, that is)
Ben came home early, and met her at the bus stop. She was so excited to see him! She decided to open her gifts from family before dinner. The Kmart near our house is going out of business, so I got her lots of fun little things, like this wand that attaches jewels to hair.

She gets a little excited. But at least we know she is appreciative.

We got her a Strawberry Shortcake  playset. All 3 girls played with this all evening. Evie is already requesting one for her birthday, though I don't think they need 2. She even made a fake phone call to Aunt Nancy to tell her that she wants it.
Kara kept ducking down to hide behind the chair every time we took a picture. But I caught her this time, right as she popped back up.
For dinner, she requested tortellini and artichokes. So it was pretty easy. But I prefer when they want to order food or go to a restaurant, so I have an excuse to get out of cooking.
making her birthday wish!
I adore this sweet little six year old!

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

She is so darling and it looks like she had a very happy Birthday.