Monday, December 24, 2012

Ben's birthday and School parties

On Ben's birthday, the girls were so excited to make him some birthday cards. Sorry about Kiersten's chocolate face, I didn't realize she was still a mess from making brownies. 
The girls insisted we set all his gifts up on the counter so he'd see them when he got home from work. 
After dinner, we let him open all of his birthday presents. 

Kara and Kiersten gave him 2 Wii U games. Kara was very concerned, because we don't have a Wii U. So I said, "well, you can play them on the regular wii". And when Ben opened them, he made a big deal about, we can't play these on our wii! they'll have to go back to the store. And of course, I kept blaming Kara, saying that she had told me they could be played on the regular wii. She started to get a little upset, and was denying it like crazy, so I finally had him open his gift from me, which was the Wii u. Kara was really relieved and excited. It was a funny moment.  
Lucky and spoiled birthday boy!
The girls loved helping him blow out his birthday candles. 
Ben had thursday off, so he was able to attend Evie's Christmas party at school. It was pretty cute. All the kids were so excited to have their parents at school. 
Evie got 2 parties at school. Since some of the kids only come one day a week, they did a party each day for the 2 year old class. So Evie got a party on Wednesday and Thursday. 

She was sure excited to see Santa! She ran excitedly to him, and started asking for a princess castle and reminding him that he had been at our house. 
Kiersten's party was only open to a few parents to sign up, so we didn't get to go to hers, but we walked by on our way to Evie's class, and it looked like they were having a pretty fun time. 

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