Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas party

We had a Christmas party at our house on Monday night. The girls helped me get the food ready. Here's Kara finishing up some donut snowmen. 
The dessert bar
We had fun making these Santa cupcakes. We had more cupcakes than strawberries, so some ended up wearing red and white hershey's hugs for their hats. 
The food. Everything turned out so yummy. I was worried about cooking everything, since Ben had to work all day, but everything turned out. And we had Ben's mom, Vicky here helping me, so that was awesome!
We were all surprised when Santa himself showed up at the party!
The naughty/nice detector said that Ben is naughty. Luckily, all the kids were nice, even Kiersten, who ran away upstairs when she saw him, because she was afraid she's been too naughty lately. 
Kara wasn't one bit shy. She kept going back up to sit on his lap, and talk to him more. 
Several of the kids were nervous about him, so he read a story to all of us. most of the kids eventually warmed up to him.
Evie asked Santa for a princess castle. The first thing she said when she walked into the room was, "hey! Santa sitting in Daddy's chair!" she repeated it a couple times, but got over it eventually.
I had to get a picture of this. Poor Kiersten really likes this boy, and he really likes Kara...
We were finally able to convince Kiersten that she wasn't on the naughty list, and she got up the courage to talk to Santa. 
family picture with the big guy!
and one with Grandma. She was lucky enough to get to sit on Santa's lap!
It was a really fun party, and I'm so glad we decided to do it. I'm already thinking of ideas for next year :)


Vicky Van Sickle said...

It was a fun party! In all my years that was the first time Santa took the time to read a story with us. I really enjoyed watching all the children with Santa. I'm happy that I was able to be with your family :)

Nancy said...

It really must have gone smoothly if you are already thinking about next year's! I always swear I'll not do it again until 6 months later when I've forgotten how much work & money it takes & only see the cute smiley pictures to remind me of how fun it was :)