Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ben is 31 today!!!

As some of you probably already know, I have the bestest husband ever! That makes today a really important day to me. Every year I look forward to Ben's birthday, which ends my month of old lady-hood, as he joins me in my aging. Today he is 31! I think and hope he's enjoyed the past year! I decided to ask the girls what they love about their daddy, and here is what they had to say;
Kara said she loves him because he loves her, he's nice, he goes to work and helps people, he took her to work with him once on the day after Thanksgiving, and he takes her on daddy/daughter dates. 
Kiersten said she loves him because he used to have a car that went really fast, he's kind, he's thankful, he loves her the most, and she loves going with him on daddy/daughter dates. 
I asked Evie why she loves daddy, and she said, "I wuv Mommy!" So after I finally got a yes out of her when I asked if she loved daddy too, I asked her what she loves about him, and she said, " I go with Daddy, and Daddy my fwend, and Daddy pwince!" So make of that what you will :)
I love Ben because he's my best friend, my favorite person to laugh with (or at), he would do anything for the girls and me, he would get out of bed at midnight to cook bacon and eggs for me when I got hungry a few nights ago, he protects us all fiercely, he keeps me calm, sane, and happy. And he has made my life into what I always dreamed it would be. I don't usually have to look things up, when he's around, because he usually just knows. He is honest in pretty much any situation, and has integrity that is astounding to me. He is an amazing example for my girls of the kind of man they should look for one day. 

The girls have been busy making a special birthday treat for Daddy to come home to. 

I wonder what it could be.....
Happy Birthday Benni-boo!


Dustin and Erika said...

I loved how Kiersten said that Ben loves her the most. That is so cute! Happy Birthday, Ben!

Nancy said...

Hmm... why do I love Benji?... I guess because I have to love my closest sibling in age.

Nancy said...

Oh, okay, I won't leave it at that since it is Christmas time.... I love that I hate talking on the phone to most people, but Ben is so easy to talk to that I can easily talk 45 minutes straight about nothing or load off my complaints & he understands & laughs with me instead of being like Vic & trying to solve the problem or change my mind by looking at the "positive" side of the situation. Sometimes you just need someone to understand your frustration!!! :)

Josh and Jackie said...

Happy late birthday Benny Boy..We love you and hope we get to visit soon. Love ya Johnsons