Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ballwin days carnival

On friday we happened to make a trip to target, and saw a huge fireworks display. There were several other cars parked there watching and clapping. We wondered what it was for, but couldn't think of anything. the next morning when Ben went to get his hair cut, the lady cutting it told him that this weekend was "ballwin days", which is a big city wide carnival in the park. So we decided to go check it out on Sunday since we were busy all day saturday. Ben dropped us off and went to park the car, so the girls played on the playground while we waited for him.

The splash ground was on, but Kara was the only one that would get wet, even though it was super hot that day.
The library had a booth with this bean bag toss. Kara signed up for the summer reading program earlier in the week and is zooming through it.
Kiersten desperately wanted to ride the ferris wheel. No one else wanted to, but I ended up riding it with her. you can see my head sticking up in that red car on the right. She loved it, and kept trying to stand up and lean over the edge to shout at Kara. I was not a fan of that.
more rides.
most of the carnival games were "children win every time". so we went home with some prizes.
Evie played the ducky game.
She won a large prize, but didn't want any of them. All she wanted was this hammer, so they refunded Ben some money. I was surprised they did that.

Kiersten loved spinning the ride, but Kara hated it and got dizzy when she did.
they were really excited to get to go on so many rides all by themselves.

Sharing a funnel cake. I can't believe I used to have the stomach to eat a whole one of these by myself. I had Kiersten and Evie chowing it down just as fast as they could and I still couldn't finish the whole thing.
They were pretty tuckered out when we got home. Ben put a movie on for them in the guest room.


Vicky Van Sickle said...

It looks like the girls had a fun day.

Josh and Jackie said...

That 2nd to last pic of you made me miss you so much!...I SO wish we were able to live closer!...Hopefully we can start visiting once Josh gets home. Looks like you guys are settling right in the new city. So happy for your fam, you guys are always doing something fun! Love you all :)

VicandNanc said...

Wha?! You cannot grow out of a giant plate of funnel cakes!!! ...maybe that's my weightloss problem?!