Wednesday, June 13, 2012

cardboard city

Kara had complained to me that I was throwing away so many boxes that would be fun to play with. So when our patio furniture was delivered pre-assembled in huge boxes, I made sure to save her a few. The largest box, I dragged around to the backyard, but still couldn't get it through the sliding glass door. So I had to break it down, and then re tape it together once I got it inside. She was really excited when I had her come downstairs to see all the boxes. They all immediately went to work on creating their cardboard city. The largest box got turned into the church.
They used the scraps to make tv screens. Kara drew the powerpuff girls on hers.
Kiersten hanging out in the church. She's the one who decided that's what it would be.
watching some tv in her own little house. they even made mail boxes, and a phone booth. They've had hours of fun in their city, and will be sad to see it all go away when Daddy's pool table is delivered.

I took a few pictures of the deer that live in the woods behind our house. They've started coming into the front yard sometimes, and crossing the street to eat our neighbor's newly planted grass. I'm kinda worried about hitting one.

this little baby was in our neighbor's yard eating her plants. This is the neighbor who told me she hates the deer because they destroy her yard. We have had some droppings in our yard, but not much destruction.
of course the girls call him Bambi, and we have a lot of excitement whenever he is spotted in the yard.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

I think it would be exciting to have deer come into your yard. I hope they don't do any damage. Another fun thing for the girls to experience.