Wednesday, June 13, 2012

six flags

This weekend was going to be a lazy weekend, but at the last minute we decided to go to 6 flags on sunday. Since it's only 20 minutes away, we got a season pass. So we'll have lots of fun days there this summer. The girls loved seeing the characters walking around. Thanks to Ben, they watch old cartoons, and knew all of the characters. I could tell lots of the kids there didn't really know who they were getting their picture with.
we didn't have to wait in line for more than 2 other kids for any character, so that was nice.

This was one of the few rides Evie got to go on. It's a good thing she was free. She loved going on rides, so we spent a lot of time in the kiddie area.
They wouldn't let Evie ride this, even with me. I couldn't see any reason why. It was just like the other one, except it didn't go up in the air. Kiersten rode this one a few times.
We played on the jungle gym for a while. All the kids loved it. I played here with the 2 littles, while Ben took Kara on a roller coaster she was barely tall enough for.

I was surprised Kara like this, and wanted to go on it a second time. She was scared of much tamer rides.
Daffy Duck swings.

Kiersten LOVED the screaming eagle roller coaster. She rode it with Ben and Kara, then again with me. Kara was too scared to ride it again. Kiersten had her arms in the air, saying "woo hoo" the whole ride. Then she wanted to ride it again.
I rode this tidal wave ride with the girls. We were in front the first time, and got pretty wet. So when they wanted to ride again, I made them move to a back row, thinking we'd stay dryer. But we got twice as drenched. You can spot me in a black shirt with 2 girls clinging to each side of me. Next time we go, I'll have to remember to wear waterproof mascara, or none at all.
They got these super hero capes playing carnival games. Kara has lived in hers ever since. That kid is obsessed with batman.
Ben rode the joker gondola with them.
Kara got to drive her own car

meeting scooby doo! Kiersten had to hug all of the characters we met. scooby didn't really smell too wonderful!
Ben took all 3 girls on the log ride. Evie loved it so much, that he made me take them all again.
They all loved it, but Evie was the cutest, squealing with delight, and exclaiming, "it FUN! if FUN mama!"

Ben took the girls on a raft ride Evie was too little for, so I asked if she wanted to ride the carousel. She got really excited and clapped, so we headed over. When we got there, she had fallen asleep, so i just found a bench to relax for a few minutes.
The girls can't wait to go again, and Kara has already decided she wants to go there for her next daddy daughter date.


VicandNanc said...

That looks fun! I didn't realized six flags was so old school with its characters.

bmills said...

what a fun family

Vicky Van Sickle said...

It looks like it was a lot of fun! My favorite picture is of the 3 girls on the ride with the eagle on the front.