Friday, January 13, 2012

Mom and Dad are here

My parents flew in on Wednesday night. It has been so fun having them here so far. Yesterday after Ben got off work, we took a drive up to Seattle. Here they are near the space needle. (Well, abaout as near as you can be and still get the whole thing in a picture). We also got food from some of Ben's favorite restaurants.

We realized after living here for 5 years, we had no pictures of the space needle ourselves, so we posed for a picture too. The girls were all asleep, so they didn't get a picture. But it's nice to have a few pictures of just Ben and me without the kids occasionally.

The girls absolutely LOVE having visitors. Kara really wanted to play games on wednesday night, but she had to go to bed, as it was a school night. So she was quick to break out chutes and ladders as soon as we got back from Seattle last night.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

I think the scarfs are cute. I think scarf and hat sets would be nice on Etsy. It looks like you had fun playing in the snow. But I heard you received a lot of snow just yesterday on the 18th, and we didn't get any.