Monday, January 16, 2012

I love snow days

Well, I may not exactly love snow days, but my kids sure do. Yesterday we had our first snow of this winter. The girls were up early and watching it fall out their windows. As soon as breakfast was over, they both got dressed and ready to go out. I thought they looked super adorable. I've been making scarves for the girls lately, and trying to decide whether to include scarves in my etsy shop.I did have some fun throwing snowballs at them. Kiersten built a little snowman on the top of these steps. She found twigs for the arms, and I had to help her dig into the snow to find little rocks for a face. She asked if I was going to take a picture, so I went inside to get the camera. When I got back out 2 seconds later, Kiersten was crying, and Kara was proudly standing over the trampled snowman carcass. I don't know why she thought that was okay. Kiersten ended up going inside after that.Evie didn't do a whole lot in the snow, but she was determined to stay outside as long as possible. This was her first time touching or being in snow. Later, Kara got to open a few early birthday gifts from my parents, and from my sisters in Utah. She got some pretty fun gifts! Thanks guys!She has really been wanting one of these bounce balls. She had fun on it all evening, going up and down the hall and around the house on it.Evie really likes it as well. She is certain that it is hers. She can't stay on by herself, so she keeps dragging it up to us, and whining, "need help".

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