Saturday, January 28, 2012

back to dance

Kara finally talked us into letting her take dance lessons again. She is taking a "kid's pop" class, and thought it was really cool that there are 3 boys in her class. It was supposed to start January 12, but the first week was postponed because the teacher had a conflict, and last week was canceled for snow, so thursday was the first class.

Kiersten had to go an entire month with no accidents to be able to take a dance class. She was successful for the entire month of December (and most of November). She is so elated to be a ballerina. She is taking the "ballerina enchantment" class. There are only 4 girls in her class. She was so proud to show me all the things she learned in her first class. Her class is right before Kara's, so that part is pretty convenient.

Most of the pictures i took ended up like this. Kara would wait to do her pose right as I took the picture, and kept blocking poor Kiersten. She was pretty worried about it.

I finally got Kara to do an arms down pose.

Ben ordered Evie a plush Mickey and Pluto to complete her collection of clubhouse buddies. They arrived this week, and I cut the tape off the box so she could open it. As soon as she saw pluto, she started saying, "hot gog! hot gog!" and clapping her hands and dancing around. She was so excited, and once I got the mickey out of the package, she squealed even more happily and gave him hugs and kisses. Then she ran in my room and started begging to watch, "cubhow". (mickey mouse clubhouse).


VicandNanc said...

3 LUCKY girls! I am happy to hear they are in dance even though Ben dreads it so badly :)

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Kara and Kiersten look so cute in their dance poses. Dance is good for you, it teaches discipline and the importance of exercise. I'm glad they are taking dance. I wish I could of seen Evie open her box, she sounds like she was so cute.