Monday, February 7, 2011

busy baby

Evie is getting to be such a fast crawler! I have to really be on top of her to make sure she doesn't get into trouble. I'd like to let her just roam and crawl around, but she is always on the hunt for things to put in her mouth, and things to get into. On friday, the girls played dress up, and they cleaned up well, but one of them left out a small ring on the floor. I heard Evie make a noise, and looked at her. I could see the ring in her mouth. As I moved to pick her up, she quickly tried to swallow it. Luckily, I was able to reach in her mouth and hook it with my fingernail and pull it out. Ben came home from work to find me still teary eyed about it. She could have choked to death! so now, she has to sit in her high chair, walker, or the excersaucer if I'm doing housework or anything else that takes my full attention away from the little stinker. She also found a hairball Daisy hacked up a few days ago. Ben almost lost it that time. She is such a good crawler, that she has decided to try to learn to walk too! She can take up to 3 steps without falling, and the falling is usually voluntary and controlled, because she gets nervous. She also does a crouch down thing, and then stands back up without holding on to anything. She must have strong thighs, because that kills my legs when I try it. I took a video of her taking steps this morning, so I'll try to post that later.
another new trick is opening drawers. Sometimes she gets the knob in her mouth and then backs up to open them, but usually she just pulls them open with her hands. She loves getting into things that she isn't supposed to get into. The playroom, for example, has lots of small toys, choking hazzards, chalk, and other off limit things, so I don't let her in there. But if she ever sees the door open, she makes a beeline straight in there to play with her sisters.
I thought we were going to dinner for our anniversary on wednesday, but Ben called on tuesday afternoon, and was expecting to go that night. I was gonna try to get a babysitter, but since it was short notice, I just got the girls ready, and took them up with me to meet Ben. We had a nice dinner with them there, anyway. They are starting to be pretty well behaved at restaurants. Kiersten still has a few issues, but she's not too bad. Ben gave me a new sansa clip mp3 player to use at the gym. I really love it, and especially loved that he spent all day transferring all of our cds onto it. I know that makes us seem old, but we have hundreds of cds, so I don't want to pay to download anything, if we already have it on a cd. I was so glad he did it for me, because with the 3 kids, I would never be able to devote that much time to it, and it would only get a few cds on it.
This picture is of the girls ready to go up to meet daddy for dinner. They insisted on wearing dresses, even though it was a cold day.
Ben let Evie have her first taste of lime.
she didn't seem to like it at first, but after a few tastes, she kept going back for more, and even tried to get Ben's water glass to get at the lime.
I just like this picture. It's a good illustration of how Kara is always hovering around Evie and trying to help me monitor her. Evie was wearing one of Ben's favorite baby outfits that day. He bought that for Kara 5 years ago, and they've all worn it now. unfortunately Evie's feet are too big for the little cowgirl boots the other 2 wore with it. She is my littlest baby, but has the biggest feet!
Here is the latest Kiersten-sleeping-in-an-uncomfortable-spot picture. This was friday.
We had a friend over to watch the superbowl, and he brought stuff for nachos. One of the items was a can of black beans. Kiersten LOVED them. I gave her several spoonfuls throughout the day, and when I was cleaning up the kitchen she grabbed the can off the counter and just started stuffing her face. It ended up getting even messier than this picture.


Dustin and Erika said...

I love posts like this! I can't believe that Kiersten can fall asleep like that. And that can of black beans made me laugh right out loud!
Evie's walking?! You have really busy girls, Becky! Good luck!!

Josh and Jackie said...

So cute I love you fam....Evie is so cute and getting too big way to fast. Kara and Kiersten are so adorable and I can tell they both love to help..Miss and love you all.

VicandNanc said...

Hehe, you need to make a collage of all of Kiersten's crazy sleeping spots!