Friday, February 25, 2011

snow day

We have been getting a lot of snow the last few days. (well, lots of snow by western washington standards.) Though it is not fun to drive in, and resulted in Kara's school being canceled, the girls are LOVING it, as usual. They played out in the backyard a few times yesterday.Regardless of how many times I told her not to, Kiersten kept eating snow. Finally, Kara teased her that she was eating bugs and dirt with the snow, and she finally gave it up. Why didn't I think of that method?

Kara kept wanting to have a snowball fight. I asked her not to throw this one at Kiersten. She set it carefully down and made a smaller one to pelt her sister with.

Kara made a snow angel. this is another Kiersten eating snow shot.
Kiersten gets cold after about 20 minutes, but Kara would stay out there all day if I'd let her. She is definitely a snow lover. She certainly doesn't get it from me! When Ben got home from work, Kara was just coming in, and she was pretty thrilled with daddy for making her some hot chocolate to warm up with.

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