Thursday, February 17, 2011

puppy party and playing at the park

This morning Kara and Kiersten hosted a birthday party for one of kara's stuffed animals. It's a puppy that they both love to play with. Kara did ask permission to make some decorations, but when I said okay, I didn't realize she was gonna be taping stuff all over the wall. The little purple dot near the center is what Kiersten made and GLUED to the wall. Good thing glue sticks are washable. the long, skinny things are tails for "pin the tail on the puppy". Kara said this was the party photo. Then she said, "this is the funnest party I've ever been to!" So I guess next year we can do this exact thing for her birthday and save a couple hundred dollars.
and the guest of honor with his birthday cake. I suspect that they just used their leftovers from snack time to make it though...
The party was going fine, until I saw Kiersten laying on the stairs with her eyes squeezed shut. I asked what she was doing, and Kara said, "I'm being her mom, but I wasn't keeping an eye on her at the party, and a man came and took her in the woods and shot her." I usually let them play what and how they want, and use their imaginations, but that one was too much for me. i told them I don't like them playing games about killing or guns, and that they had to play something happy instead. Kiersten jumped up and said, "a big dinosaur came and got the bad guy, and I came back alive!"
Last week I took the girls to the park to play. It was the first nice sunny day in a while. Here are a few pictures of the fun.

Kara was a little disappointed to have to sit in a baby swing. Sometimes there is a normal swing there instead, but not this time.

Kiersten is so proud to be able to pedal her bike on her own. The other day she pedalled all the way around the block twice by herself when we went on a walk. usually she gives up and walks or rides in the stroller. I was glad not to have to push or carry the bike home for once.
Evie got to swing for the first time. She kind of liked it.

She also got to slide for the first time too.


VicandNanc said...

Haha! Well, I'm glad I taught them a fun game of making tails :) Sorry you got one glued to the wall though! I would love to get out; I had to work on our nice sunny 2 days & now it is back to cold :(

Ariane said...

Where is the park? It looks like a good one, unlike our neighborhood one.

Ben and Becky said...

this is off of 138th, on 10th ave. it's called gonyea park.