Tuesday, February 15, 2011

St. Valentines Day 2011

We pretended that valentine's day was on sunday. the girls don't really know the difference, anyway. Ben made breakfast for everyone. He asked me for a heart shaped cookie cutter so he could make the girls' plates look like this. The U is toast that he cut out with a knife. I thought it was pretty cute. After breakfast the girls got to open valentine's from us. Evie got a cute little stuffed frog, and a bear that was free when I bought the frog. Kiersten has really taken a liking to the bear, and keeps asking Evie's permission to play with it. Evie hasn't had a problem with that so far.
The girls were so happy to finally get pillow pets. they have wanted them for so long. Evie got one for Christmas, and they have been totally jealous.
Kara got the unicorn she has been dying to have. She named it "pretty big fluffy bottom cutie".
Kiersten has been wanting the puppy. There was a red valentine's version of it, so that's what she got. I've heard her call it "love puppy", and "ruff ruff". So one of those must be his name.
We spent the rest of the day at the NW trek. The girls really love it, and I think Evie even enjoyed it this time.
Monday, Kara had a valentine's day party at school, and also class picture day. She had lots of fun, and was bouncing off the walls when I picked her up from school. Kiersten and Evie got to do a few valentine's activities in the daycare at the gym too. We always eat a heart shaped pizza for dinner. Our first valentine's date 9 years ago, was at Pier 49 in Utah. Not all the heart pizzas are as good as that one was, but pizza is pizza. This year, Ben brought home papa john's. The girls were pretty excited about it.
He also surprised me with new jewelry! yay! I gave him an out this year, (and I deserved for him to take me up on it...), so I thought I'd get flowers, or candy, or one of those baskets people sell on the side of the road. So I was thrilled to get this pretty necklace, and earings! All he got for valentines was a new wii game. but that's what he likes, so he's happy with that.
Evie wearing her cute heart shirt. She is able to do about 14-15 steps now, so we're calling her a walker. She really is a sweet girl.
Kiersten saw valentine t-shirts at the store a week ago. She asked if she could get the front one that she could see. I started looking through them and reading what they said. As soon as she heard this one said, "I love Grandpa", she insisted on getting it. There were cuter ones, but who am I to get in the way of a 2 year old expressing her love and admiration for her grandpa?
Kiersten picked out a shirt for Karalee, but I didn't want her to wear it on picture day. So she is wearing it today instead. Her hair was curled when I took her to school, but when I picked her up all the curls had fallen out. I used tons of product to keep the curl, but I'm hoping it looked good for the pictures. they were first thing in the morning. Her teacher is too smart to try to do pictures after they are full of sugar.

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VicandNanc said...

Looks like a FUN Valentine! I think I love the breakfast plates most! It was Vic's turn to plan this year so... we did nothing! I LOVE Kara's polka dot shirt & think I need one like it :)