Wednesday, January 5, 2011

in with the new.

I really missed my family in utah on new year's eve. For some reason, I just really missed them all this year, and couldn't help wondering when I'll be spending a holiday with them again. I know, pity party, but if you know my family, you'll understand why I miss them so much. We had a fun new year's with the girls, despite my missing being in Utah. Here are a few pictures of the festivities. we had a few confetti poppers and things, but since it was pretty cold out, we set them off in the kitchen. Ben was nice enough to clean up the mess, but I did find a few of the caps in the livingroom the next day. Those things really flew!

Kara wanted her picture taken with the mess, silly girl.

Kiersten got to drink out of the glass with no straw too this time. She talked about it all night, how she did such a good job.

toasting the new year. sorry about the mess in the background, we were packing away Christmas decor earlier in the day.

We spent a good amount of the evening playing wii party, which is Kara's new favorite thing to do. Even Kiersten could play some of the games. But at midnight, we went downstairs for the countdown, and to play some party games Kara planned for us. She made us do a freeze dance, and the limbo, and karate. I don't know why karate is a party game, but I guess it is, so we had a competition. I was out in the first round. I think Kiersten won the championship. Ben and Kara were better at limbo than Kiersten and me. Evie was already in bed, and had to miss Kara's party.

Kara is back in school this week. She wanted me to take a picture of this snowman she made today. She was the class helper today, and also took her birthday party invitations, so she was pretty happy to be the center of attention so much at school in one day.

I got this popcorn popper from Vicky for Christmas. We have never had one since we've been married. The girls didn't know there was any way to make it, other than in the microwave. So they have thought this is pretty cool. We've already used it 8 or 9 times. I think I took this picture the first time we used it. Don't they look impressed?

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Dustin and Erika said...

THose popcorn poppers are really cool! Your family New Years Party looks like it was fun. I hate being away from my family, too. You're pity party is totally acceptable!