Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Karalee's birthday party

Kara really wanted to have her birthday party while Nancy and Victor were visiting, so she could invite her cousin Tommy. So we decided to have her party on the 15th instead of the 22nd. It turned out well, because one of her friends from school is having a birthday party on the 22nd, and they would have overlapped. We had her party at the Norpoint center in Tacoma. It was a luau/swimming party. Kara looked so cute in her little party dress. the norpoint staff did all of the decorating, and then all of the clean up as well. That was pretty nice to just be able to show up, and set up the food, and be ready for the party.
We had dominoes pizza for lunch. I made a few desserts to go along with the cake.
I used my babycakes machine to make these cheesecakes. I think it would have been easier and faster just to make them in the oven though. Ben made a strawberry topping for them.
I also made cream puffs for the first time since I was in high school. They turned out right, but I didn't take out enough of the center, so I think they were a little too dense. I made a pineapple cream filling for them too.
The last thing I made were these flower shaped brownies. I used a flower shaped silicone mold, and most of them turned out well.
my pretty little birthday girl. It has been a little confusing for her to have had her party early. She keeps saying she is 5 now. Close enough, I guess.All the kids loved dressing up in grass skirts and leis. I didn't get any pictures of them swimming though. One of the mom's did, and I'm hoping she'll share a few of her pictures with me.
limbo, one of Kara's favorite games.
I kept trying to think of games to play, but never ended up getting anything for games, so I was glad when we got there, and they had provided a few games for the kids.

Evie slept through most of the party. She did get to swim, and really liked it.
blowing out the candles. She was very careful, trying not to spit on her cake.
she got so many fun gifts from her friends. She will be busy for the next few weeks at least!
some of her party guests. She had 4 friends from school, 2 from the ward, 2 kids of our friends, her sisters, and her cousin. I think that totals 12 kids including Karalee, a decent sized party.

I'm glad she seemed to really enjoy her party, and as far as I could tell, all the other kids did too. It totally feels worth it, when you see your kid having so much fun, and just feeling happy and special.

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Shelly said...

Everything looked so good! Love the cake. You did such a great job!