Monday, January 24, 2011

Kara bear's 5th

We thought we would let Kara open her gifts yesterday so that she could have time to play with them. She had school today, so If we waited for her to be out of school, then for Ben to get home, it'd be time for dinner. So she wouldn't have had a lot of time to play. So Kiersten helped me put up a few decorations, and we let her open all of her gifts. a few cute action shots.

we gave her this singing hamburger card. Both girls loved it, and we heard the song all day yesterday. Kara even wanted to take it to school today for show and tell, as it was her turn to be class helper today.
she got this guitar, and was even nice enough to let Kiersten play with it while she read a new book. I like this shot of Kiersten rockin her Bieber hair, and Evie standing so proudly in the background.
rock star Kara. She has been making up songs already.
She is also thrilled about her own scrapbook. She made a few pages last night. I cleared out a corner of my scrapbook room and set a little table in there for her to have her own space.
standing and trying to figure out how to use a bottle at the same time. No one can say she isn't driven...
Kara trying out her new hello kitty scooter in the kitchen. Ben took her outside to try it after this. She told me today that she will be giving Kiersten scooting lessons now.
Kara was excited to get ready for school this morning. She wore a new outfit, and kept saying that it was a big kid outfit. The dress Kiersten is wearing is the same dress Kara wore on kiersten's first birthday.
doing one of her glamorous poses.
I love how Keirsten is all into the hug, and Kara is still trying to look pretty, and look at the camera.
Kiersten silly pants wanted her picture taken alone too. Can't let Kara have the spotlight...


Angelique said...

She is so pretty!! Its crazy that we have 5yr olds! I wish we could live close so that they could know each other better and play together. They would be best friends.

Josh and Jackie said...

So cute I'm glad she had a great birthday....She is so adorable and getting so big...i still can't get over that Evie can do all of those thing...It is insane...Kaymie is 1 and the longest she has stood alone is like 10 sec...And only because i practice with her...I can't imagine having a 6 month old that could do all that..Just Crazy...Any who we love and miss you guys and hope we can see you soon.

VicandNanc said...

Very cute birthday girl, I can't believe how many more presents she got! Just imagine the pile if she combined her party & this!