Thursday, December 30, 2010

at this moment in time...

As the year is about to end, I thought it would be fun to do a little time capsule type update about the girls. I hope any of you reading this might decide to do the same for your families on your blogs, websites, or even in a notebook. I would love to read about all of you and your families.

Starting with Karalee Ilyana

2010 accomplishments:
This year she turned 4, learned to read, performed on stage in a cinderella ballet, completed her first year of preschool and started her second, made a scrapbook, learned to use a camera, learned to add and subtract, and learned to play nintendo. She recently recieved her own nintendo ds, and loves playing with it. As of today, she weighs 37lbs, and is 44 1/2 inches tall.

special things about Kara:
she is very sweet. She cares about everyone, and is concerned when someone is sad or hurt. She is the smartest 4 year old I've ever met. She can grasp concepts very quickly, and she loves to learn. She is always reading everything she sees. I am often surprised by her ability to figure out words that would seem difficult to sound out. She is a tall girl with long legs. She grows out of pants at lightning speed, and never has a dress for long before it starts getting too short. She is very patient. She will patiently wait when we ask her too, and is very nice to her sisters. She loves helping with Evie, and lets Kiersten get away with a lot before she gets upset. She is my little helper. She loves doing housework with me, and is always asking for chores. Sometimes she asks me to write her a chore list, or she'll write up her own. She likes checking off all the things on the list, and excitedly asks me to come check her work. She is a stickler for rules, and always wants things to be done the "right" way. If I try to rush her in her cleaning or other tasks, she'll remind me that it needs to be done correctly, even if that takes a little longer.

and here are some answers to questions from kara herself about some of her favorite things:
favorite color-purple
favorite kind of animal- cats
favorite food- candy
favorite song- don't go breakin my heart
favorite movie- my little pony
favorite tv show- barney
best friend- Maya
favorite playtime activity- making block towers
favorite toy- Lucky the stuffed cat
favorite non play activity- math
if she could see anyone in the whole world right now, who would she pick?- Daddy
favorite outdoor activity- soccer
favorite outfit- yellow flower dress
favorite thing to do with mommy- scrapbook
favorite thing to do with daddy- hug and kiss
one food she doesn't like- spinach
one thing she doesn't like- daisy biting her

Kiersten Joy

2010 accomplishments:

This year, she turned 2, learned to ride a bike, learned the alphabet, learned to spell her name out loud, grew long enough hair to have hairstyles, decided she's a princess, counted to 18, got potty trained, and mastered eating with a fork and spoon. As of today she weighs 29lbs, and is 38 inches tall.

special things about Kiersten:

she is a little comedian. She is always saying the funniest things, and doing things to make everyone laugh. She loves putting on a show, and being silly. She also loves knock knock jokes and is constantly telling them. She is very loving. She always wants to cuddle, be held, and hug. She tells everyone she loves them on a daily basis, and will often go on and on telling me the long list of everyone she loves. she is a smart girl, and sometimes sneaky. If she thinks she can get away with something, she will definitely try it. One of her latest tricks is dumping her dinner or lunch in the trash or sink, and trying to convince us that she ate it all gone. She has a major sweet tooth and is always asking for candy and treats. She asks with such a sweet looking face, that it can be very hard to say no to her. she is very friendly. She loves having other kids to play with, and even adults. If we are around an adult woman, you can bet Kiersten is sitting in her lap, or begging to be picked up. She is loaded with energy and personality. She will let you know how she feels, whether it's super happy, or mad. She loves teasing people, especially Kara.

and some of Kiersten's favorites:
favorite color- purple
favorite kind of animal- dogs
favorite food- cereal
favorite song- my little pony theme song
favorite movie- sleeping beauty
favorite tv show- Dora the explorer
best friend- Kara
favorite playtime activity- playing barbies
favorite toy- dancing Mickey and purple teddy bear
favorite non play activity- dancing
if she could see anyone in the world right now, who would she pick?- daddy and papa
favorite outdoor activity- playing in the snow
favorite outfit- purple flower dress
favorite thing to do with mommy- paint fingernails
favorite thing to do with daddy- read books
one food she doesn't like- broccoli
one thing she doesn't like- time out and people being mean to her. Evangeline Rebecca

2010 accomplishments:

This year she was born, learned to roll over, learned to sit up, learned to crawl, started eating baby food, smiled for the first time, laughed for the first time, took her first car trip to Utah and Idaho, hated her carseat, doubled her weight, spit up hundreds of times, celebrated her first halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas, and started sleeping through the night. As of today, she weighs 16lbs, and is 26 inches tall.

Special things about Evie:

She is a cheerful baby. She doesn't wake up and cry. She wakes up and starts giggling and cooing until I wake up too. she is fascinated by her sisters. She loves watching them play, and loves when they include her in the fun. She is an active baby. Even before she was crawling she loved to wriggle and squirm around. Now that she is mobile, she crawls everywhere and climbs all over. She has already started pulling herself up on things. She's not quite cruising yet, but I have no doubt she will be very soon. She loves her parents. She is always happy and excited to see either one of us. (me a little more). she seems to have a very social personality so far. she loves to eat. She is the cleanest baby I've ever fed. almost nothing gets back out of her mouth once it's gone in. She tries to get any food that we eat within her reach. She loves playing with toys. She especially likes teething toys right now, and we think her teeth are going to be making an appearance soon.

next year she might be able to answer questions about some of her favorite things too!


Josh and Jackie said...

I love this post...So cute, and so fun to learn so much about your girls. We miss all of you always..I have been teaching cash the alphabet sounds and his name but we have no luck yet with writing what do you think i could do to help him out?

VicandNanc said...

I hope you print this out! What a good idea... if I can find the time to ponder on all Tommy's growth & personality I'd like to do the same for his baby book.