Monday, October 4, 2010

painting pumpkins

We got these litte pumpkins at the store for the girls to paint. This is how Kiersten looked before she painted. This is how she looked after. I don't know why she felt the need to paint her own face too, but she did.
Kara was being a bit of a perfectionist. She wanted to paint very specific things, and was a little upset when it was harder than she expected.
Kara's pumpkins are to the left and Kiersten's are to the right. If you can't tell, I did the one in the middle. It's supposed to be a scarecrow, though I later realized it needed eyebrows. Oh well.
They each did 2 pumpkins in the amount of time that I did just one. I meant to save one for Ben to paint, but it turns out he didn't want to have to do one anyway, so it was okay that the girts each did 2.
posing with their finished masterpieces. I think we will still get large pumpkins to carve later in the month.
The next day after we did the pumpkin painting, there was a knock on the door after lunch. It was the sherrif and 2 other police officers. They said they were in pursuit of burglars who had just broken into a house down the street. They had been seen jumping over my next door neighbor's fence and running down the street. So they thought they had been through my backyard. I told them I hadn't heard anything, but they searched the backyard and found a bracelet that had been dropped. Apparently they were dropping what they had stolen all through the yards they ran through. It really bothers me that they were in my yard. If it happened the day before, I would have been out their with the kids when they came running through. Ben left work early so he could get Kara from school. i didn't feel comfortable leaving the house while they were still roaming around the neighborhood. But they were arrested and taken away not long after I talked to Ben. I've been feeling a little less comfortable with our safety the past few days. I didn't realize how easy it was to get into our backyard. But I'm glad those burglars got caught, and I hope they wont just get out in a few months to start breaking into houses again.
I don't often dress the girls to match with each other. It's just not my thing. So it sure surprised Ben yesterday, when they both came out of their room wearing the same outfit.
he had to get a picture of the matchiness.
I took them for a walk to the gas station to pick out treats for doing a good job of cleaning their room. The lady at the gas station took one look at them and exclaimed, "twins! I love twins! You're so lucky." ya I don't know too many sets of twins that would have this big of a height difference at such a young age, but that's okay. I think that may be one of the reasons I don't usually dress them alike.
my Evie was lookin cute, as usual.
The girls playing together with their leapsters in their room. I like it best when they get along like this.


Angelique said...

So cute girls, That is so scary about the burglers!! I would be so scared. Your back yard is fenced right? Do you ever let the girls back without you. That would be the worst

Shelly said...

You probably don't like to dress your girls alike because mom always dressed us alike & we hated it. i do dress our kids alike every once in a while though.