Tuesday, October 19, 2010


can you tell what this is a picture of? you might guess that is Kara's arm, and Kiersten has bitten her, but you'd be wrong. This is Kiersten's arm. My 4 year old, non violent Kara bit Kiersten this morning! it really was shocking because Kara doesn't usually bite. I actually can't even think of one time she has bitten someone, even when she was little. And she is not violent. Kiersten is definitely our litle bully. She hits, kicks, and pushes Kara all the time. Kara usually doesn't retaliate physically, but she cries and tattles. So I was surprised when Kiersten came to me crying and showed me her arm saying Kara bit her. My first thought was, "kara wouldn't bite her sister". and I even had a split second of thinking it was the cat, or maybe Kiersten had bitten herself to get Kara in trouble. but those were obviously ridiculous possibilities, so I had to believe that Kara had bitten Kiersten. I called her into the room, and she admitted she did it. I asked her why, and she said that Kiersten was trying to wake her up to come play, but she wanted to stay asleep. So not only did she bite her, but over something silly and innocent. She lets Kiersten get away with much worse than that on a daily basis, so why she decided to bite her this time is a mystery. I really hope this was just a one time thing and not a new trend for her. I think of biting as something 1 or 2 year olds do, but not something kids start doing as old as 4 years.
Kiersten has liked being the wronged one for a change. After Kara's time out, she came to apologize, and Kiersten kept saying, "louder, I can't hear you." and then when Kara offered her a hug, she said, "and you have to kiss my boo boo better". of course they left the room holding hands and laughing together like best friends again, because that's what anyone would do, right? what a way to start the morning.

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VicandNanc said...

Yikes! I can't imagine being that awake in the morning to jump up & attack someone's arm if I didn't want to get up! haha. I hope you have this blog forever so they can read back on the things they do!