Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have a lot of pictures today, so this might be a little long. First, a few months ago, Ben challenged Kara to stop having accidents at night. He said if she could go 30 days without an accident, he would buy her a nintendo DS. Her first attempt lasted 7 days, then she had one accident, so we started over, and she went 8 days before having another accident. We encouraged her to try again, and she was at 27 days. She was devastated saturday morning to tell me she had an accident that night. She begged me not to tell Daddy, so I had a talk with her about honesty and how imprtant it is to tell the truth. So when Ben woke up, she sadly told him about the accident. He felt bad because he had let her stay up late watching him play nintendo, and she fell asleep on the couch. He put her in her bed without waking her to go to the bathroom. So he told her he was very proud of her for going this long, and only having the 3 accidents. So he let her have the DS anyway. I was kinda glad because it reinforced my telling her that good things happen when you tell the truth. Kiersten's hair is long enough to curl now. I never curled Kara's at this age, because it was naturally curly. Kiersten and I had a lot of fun doing her hair that morning.
scary vampire.
and now a few cute Evie pictures. I love this jacket. All 3 girls haveworn it, and it is starting to look a little tattered.
one of my favorite Evie pics ever.
Kara holds Evie any time I will let her. A few times she has picked her up without permission, but she usually remembers to ask me.
she still hates being inthe carseat. I'm sad she is about to outgrow this hat she got from Nancy.
yesterday Kara asked if we could have an ice cream party after dinner. I thought it was a good idea, so we bought a bunch of candies and ice cream toppings. When Ben got home from work, she gave him this invitation. It's a little hard to understand, as she still spells phonetically. it says, "dad please come to my party. it is a ice cream party. Karalee Miller, I love you Dad."
getting the ice cream party all set up. The girls were eating candy the whole time, before they even saw any ice cream.
Ben's tasty treat
my bowl. I barely put in any candy, and I still could barely finish. I guess that's what happens when you don't eat candy very often. We all had a hard time finishing.
Kiersten actually ate most of her candy, and all of her ice cream. She definitely has a sweet tooth. Whenever I ask what she wants for dinner or lunch, she always says, "candy!" of course, I don't usually let her have any. She definitely took advantage of this special occasion. She kept eating the candy out of her bowl, and then replacing it with more.
Although this was Kara's idea, I think she ate the least sweets. She said she was done, and there was still some ice cream left, and almost all the candy she had taken was still left, so it was a bit of a waste. For next time, I know it would be better to use plain ice cream without nuts or chocolate in it. And also, I know we don't need chocolate syrup and caramel with all that other sugar.
poor Evie didn't get any.
some silly faces to end with.

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Shelly said...

Good Job Kara!! That is so cool. You always do such fun things with your family.