Monday, March 29, 2010


Because Kara loves scrapbooking so much, Kiersten has taken an interest. Kara is really good about sharing her supplies and helping Kiersten. Kiersten sure goes through lots of stickers though. But I only give them stickers that I find really cheap on clearance to use.
Kara has completed the first session of her new ballet class. She has this weekend off, before the next session starts. In may she will be performing in Cinderella with all of the othe classes and age groups. I keep telling her she isn't going to be Cinderella, but she doesn't seem to believe me.
Parents' visit day was this past saturday. She seemed to be having lots of fun, and was by far the best bahaved. the teacher didn't have to get after her once. all of the other girls got in trouble several times each.
There was an Easter egg hunt at the community center where she takes her classes. It started right after her class was over. Here she is waiting for the fun to start. It was only for ages 3-11, but I let Kiersten participate. She only picked up 3 eggs, then decided she didn't like the chaos of all those kids running around, and came back to stand by me. She was perfectly happy with the candy she got. It's better anyway, since we always throw away holiday candy after several months. We do let them have it from time to time, but they always have so much, and we can't just let them eat all of it.
Here she is playing with "Mrs. Gunny-bag". She wasn't cleaning up her toys, so I said Gunny-bag was gonna eat all the toys. I drew faces on 2 bags, and started going after the toys. that got them to claen up, but soon turned into a game.
I let the girls paint these bunny masks. I feel horrible that I touched up kiersten's so much that you can hardly tell she worked on it. She did almost all of the white, though. I just did the other 2 colors, and outlines. But I still wish I had just left it as she did it. Kara's is the brown one. I didn't help her at all. I like that what I saw as bunny paws, she saw as easter eggs.
recognize those blue eyes?
they have been having so much fun with these all weekend. They made them on Friday eveningKara has been trying to teach Kiersten to do a somersault. I haven't been too encouraging for her to learn it yet, but she is so determined to try.

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