Friday, March 19, 2010


Several weeks ago, Kara went to a birthday party, and in the goodie bag was a flower pot. It had coloring pages inside that kara could color. So I let her pick one to color, and then she got to buy some flower seeds to plant. She finally has sprouts, and she couldn't be more proud of them. She waters them every day, and can't wait til there are flowers.
Kiersten started throwing up on tuesday. She would take one sip of her drink, or one bite of food, and she would puke. I was worried that she might be having a hard time adjusting to 2% milk instead of whole, since the first couple of times were right after she'd had milk. But after I switched to pedialyte only, she still kept throwing up, so I guess she just got a stomach bug. She threw up all day wednesday as well, and also had TONS of runny, poopy diapers. The highest fever she ran was 99.1, so I didn't take her to the doctor. Thrusday she woke up more cheerful, and could eat fine, and didn't throw up at all. I was so glad to have her back to her normal, happy self. but around 4:30, Kara suddenly started throwing up. between then and about 8:00 when Ben got home, she threw up 5 times, and was dry heaving after there was nothing left in her stomach. She hasn't been running a fever, though. I feel so bad for her. Kiersten started saying her tummy hurt again, but only after Kara was sick, and she was acting fine, so I think she just missed the attention of being the sick one. Poor Kara has been sick ever since. She threw up after eating just one grape. I had Ben make her a little bed on the floor next to ours in case she had any problems during the night. (and also because I'd changed her sheets twice already, and didn't want her throwing up on her bed again.) I only had to get up with her once during the night, but when I woke up, Ben had given her a cup of milk before he left. So I found her sleeping there, holding the cup, with a plastic bowl full of milk-vomit. He must have given her the bowl because he knew the milk would make her sick, but I can't figure out why he even gave her the milk! as soon as she woke up, she wanted more milk, but I made her drink pedialyte instead, and she held that down fine. When I called her teacher to say she wouldn't be in school today, she got very upset, and started claiming to be better. It was kinda sad, but she ended up napping so much today, that I don't think she really noticed missing school. Hopefully, this will just be a 2 day thing for her as well, and she will start feeling better this weekend. All she has wanted to eat today is bread and butter.
I put her hair up like that because she kept getting vomit in her hair, yuck! She has been really good today. She hasn't fought with Kiersten once. She just wants to watch cartoons and nap. but I did insist on giving her a bath, which she wasn't too happy about. Although Kiersten is feeling better, she is a little disappointed that Kara doesn't want to play with her. So she has been hanging out by Kara a lot today.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

Poor girls, that sounds like a nasty flu (?) I hate throwing up so much. And when your little ones are sick, you wish you could take it all away quickly.