Monday, March 15, 2010

Pizza Party!

First, a few pictures of the girls enjoying Kiersten's polka dot cake on Friday night after dinner.

We just invited a few friends to Kiersten's birthday at Godfather's pizza. It was a fun little party, and so easy to plan.
Kiersten absolutely loved her birthday cake! And it ended up tasting really good too. I knew she wouldn't keep a party hat on for long, so I got her a birthday badge to wear. She was so proud of it.
Ben let her eat way too much candy. I started getting kind of annoyed, but I know he wouldn't let her have enough to get sick or anything.
There is an arcade area in this godfather's. Kara loved this racing game. We still had a big bag of quarters from last year's easter egg hunt, so we brought those along. All the kids played tons of games, and we still have about half of the quarters left.
I think all the kids had a good time

This candy crane game must have had a bunch of extra quarters in it. At first, it just kept giving the kids more and more turns. Every time they pushed the button, it would go again without even putting their quarter in. After about 10 free turns, it finally stopped doing it, but we ended up with tons of free candy.
A large party didn't show up, so they gave us the large, secluded section. I was glad because the original area we had reserved was just enough tables for all of us to sit and eat, but we wouldn't have had extra room for gifts, cake, etc. It was nice to have this whole big area to spread out.
She wore a party hat for a minute or two this year. I love her party dress, but Ben was not a fan of the bubble skirt.
opening gifts!
this toy was a big hit with all the kids!

If I knew it was going to be a nice day, I would have done her party at a park, but it turned out well here. She was so excited to have a pizza party, and I don't think she was disappointed at all.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

It looks like you all had fun. I wish I could of been there. The girls sure are cute! Thanks for posting so many pictures.