Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Brownie fun

This year I got to take my brownie troop to troop round up. Kara and another friend from her junior troop came along with us as well. It was a beautiful day.
They enjoyed playing with hedgehogs and birds.
They also got to make several different crafts.

And learn lots of different, interesting things. There were some great booths set up.
There were also some fun physical activities. The magic house had an obstacle course for the girls.

After the obstacle course, they got to decorate their own medal.
There was a life size dice game. One of our groups kept landing on spaces that sent them back to start. They eventually just had to give up so we wouldn't get too far behind the rest of the girls.

The giant bubble wands were a big hit. We spent quite a lot of time there.

They also enjoyed the blow up obstacle course.

And of course the giant tug of war. Kiersten was pretty good at it.

My favorite part of the day was observing the police dogs. I found that fascinating.
We also stopped by the ice cream truck, so that went over well. There were other food trucks, but we had the girls bring sack lunches so we wouldn't have to stand in line forever. That worked out great. I was glad one of the parent suggested it.

We also had a Halloween party for our October meeting a few weekends ago. The girls had a great time earning their painting badge.
We also had some games for them to play. I made this tic tac toe board, and bean bag ghosts and goblins.
One of the moms brought the cutest pin the eye on the monster game. They sure liked that.
I had Kiersten make a pumpkin toss game. She drew sharpie faces on orange bouncy balls that they tossed into pumpkin buckets. It turned out great.

We also had all the girls arrive with crazy hair, wigs, or hats. It was a fun day. I can't wait to be with this awesome group again for our November meeting!

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

It looks like you have a good girl scout troop that has lots of fun.