Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Shyrock's corn maze

The last time we drove to Kansas City, we decided to leave earlier in the day so we could stop and do something fun on the way. We ended up stopping at Shyrock's corn maze near Columbus.

There were some fun things set up inside the barn, so we played in there for a while first.
Kara had a great time with the rope swing.
The other 2 waited in line for the big slide. They thought that was a blast.

There was also a corn kernel pit to play in. So they tromped around in there for a while.

We spent the rest of the day finding corn in socks, shoes, and pockets. They thought that was hilarious.
Then it was time to wander around in the corn maze. There were 8 check points we needed to find in order to answer the trivia questions, and complete our cards.

The girls wanted to lead the way, but Ben was pretty good at figuring out exactly where we were and where we needed to go. He did trip over the world's smallest corn stalk though.
I was sick, and felt like I could hardly breathe, but everyone was so happy, and helped me keep my spirits up. Plus it was nice to get some exercise after being stuck in traffic all morning.
It turned out to be pretty hard not to stumble upon sets of teenagers trying to be lost alone. You'd think they would realize with so many people wandering aimlessly, they would not find the privacy they were seeking.
Look at all that corn...
The corn is a cash crop, so I was surprised to see how much of it had ended up on the ground.

Ben got the girls some kettle corn to enjoy while we wound our way through.

At the game the next day the girls got some ex-players autograph. He was really nice, but I had no idea who he was, and can't remember his name.
We let them do the usual pre game activities, and I signed up as always, to be the designated driver and got my free soda :)

Ben and I were both excited that Tony Gonzalez was at the game to beat the big drum. Ben was telling the girls he didn't see him on the field yet, but I had no problem picking those dimples out of the crowd. I was surprised Ben couldn't see him there. He is so tall. And so handsome. And was wearing a nice suit... He looked good is what I'm saying. And he did a good job of beating the drum for the tomahawk chop.
They finally won a game we were at! It was a very exciting and entertaining game, and it was nice for the girls to be happy and excited as we were leaving. Hopefully they can keep it up! They won their game in London this weekend, so they might be getting on a roll.

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