Thursday, September 10, 2015

Soccer and snacks

Kiersten is enjoying her new soccer team. She is very happy to be learning to be a better goal keeper. Her team won their first game, and are looking forward to the next. Also, she is adorable in her uniform!
Ben was able to attend her game, and took lots of pictures so I could see some of the action. 

As much as she enjoys other sports and activities, this really seems to be her thing. 
I had a lot of fun putting together snacks for our first girls scout meeting as brownies. I put together these little donut bags.

I absolutely got the donuts just so I could make these little tags that said, "Donut forget to live the girl scout way", which was the badge we were earning at the meeting. 
I also dipped some marshmallows in white chocolate and pink sprinkles. I didn't expect the girls to like them as much as they did. They were basically just a sugar bomb. Kara could barely eat one, but those brownie scouts were all over them. 

I also stuck a bag of cheez-its so there would be a non-sugar option for the girls. Of course I didn't take any pictures at the meeting. I'm kicking myself for that because they were all so excited and happy to be there together, and had a great time. 
Kara's bridging ceremony from brownies to juniors was at the same time as Kiersten's brownie meeting, so I was unable to go. Luckily a friend was kind enough to send me some pictures. 

A friend of Ben's was in Boston and stopped off at Mike's pastry to get me a little treat! I was very surprised, but happy and excited to see this box. 
I love these marzipan fruits. I've never found better tasting marzipan than this. Some pieces were already eaten by the time I took this picture, haha. Sorry-not sorry. At first I thought this fun treat would last me all week, but who was I kidding? They were gone in 2 days. There is a reason this is a sometimes food.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

I LOVE that the girls are having fun in the Girl Scouts! I enjoyed being a girl scout as I grew up, then became a camp counselor and an assistant troop leader for my girls.