Friday, September 25, 2015

Making it!

We had a crafty kind of weekend a few weeks ago. Kiersten helped me make a KC Chiefs wreath to hang on the door for game days. I have had the stuff to make this forever, so it's about time we finally got it done. It turned out pretty fun, if not exactly as I imagined it in my head. 
All of the girls got excited to watch the Chiefs play on tv. We had to break out all of the gear. 

Kara got around to painting these frames she bought for her room. They turned out really cute. I'll have to get a picture of how she hung them up. I pictured them just framing pictures she has drawn/painted, but she hung them sort of abstractly over her posters. It looks really cute, and I'll probably just keep it the way she did it. 
While she worked on her frames, I finally painted some wood cutouts that I have had for a while. I decided to go a sparkly route with it. 
This one turned out cute as well. 
There was also some painting on paper, and some football watching, and some playing outside. Over all, a successful sunday. 

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