Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The girls are back in school

All 3 of the girls are finally in the same school. This is kind of a big deal. Their first day was last Thursday. Thankfully, Kara set her alarm for 5:30AM, so they were up and about pretty early. Everyone had carefully set out their new school clothes the night before, and lunches and snacks were packed and waiting in the fridge. This gave me plenty of time to help them all with the hairdos they wanted. Kiersten wanted to go curly, which is not something her stick straight hair likes to do, so I used the waving iron. That usually lasts the longest. Of course my curly girly, Evie wanted her hair straightened. And Kara was doing her own thing, until she saw Evie, and then wanted her hair straightened too. (Which only takes about 5 swipes, and 3 minutes, so not a big deal). I even had time to make them all a hot breakfast, and we were early leaving for the bus stop. If only every morning could be like that. (I've had to wake them up and drag them out of bed every morning since that first one.)
They always look forward to a first day photo shoot.
This was the only pose Kara cared about getting. Her sisters were sweet to accommodate her.
My sweet girlies!
Kara is very excited to be starting 4th grade. She made back to school pictures for all her friends, and set out 6 days worth of outfits in her room. She wasn't happy that I made her put all the extra clothes away.
Kiersten is just ecstatic to be a second grader. She loves her class, and has fun stories every day after school. She kept thinking of more poses to do, so I finally had to cut her off so Evie could take a few. It was hard choosing the best one. I think I'll be able to fill an entire scrapbook page with just her porch poses.
Evie had some pretty cute poses too. She is very excited about kindergarten. She has lots of her buddies in her class. I am unsure if her stories are true, or imagined, but if true, then she has had some pretty exciting and eventful days at school so far! I'm 80% sure one of the kids she talks about is an imaginary friend. If not, they are certainly the naughty kid at school.
She's had this backpack for 2 years and finally gets to use it! She did not take one to preschool, as they provided bags for the kids. She is so proud to walk to the bus stop every day.
Our fun group of bus stop friends!
Evie has been waiting for the day she could get on the bus with her sisters. She loves it so far. It is still strange for me to come home alone, and not have anyone following me around chattering. But I'm sure I'll get used to it.

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Nancy said...

I enjoyed getting caught up on your last three posts. I can't believe they had to start school already! I'm glad we have a few more weeks! :)