Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Winding down summer days

Summer is over, and I find myself asking if it was ever really here. Wednesday last week was the last day to spend with the girls before they had to go back to school, so I let the housework slide and made a "fun chart". The girls got to spin the spinner and we had to do whatever it landed on right away. The first thing was a doll and stuffed animal war. I didn't get any pictures of that, because it was pretty crazy. We were all exhausted and sweaty by the end, and a few harder dolls did get thrown at a few faces. In the end, Evie and I were victorious with 47 stuffed animals captured to Kara and Kiersten's 25.

After the war, we spun again and landed on "make a snack". So I got out some nilla wafers, peanut butter, and nutella. I let the girls make any combo they wanted. I probably shouldn't have set out a light colored table cloth, but oh well.
The mess potential was pretty high, but luckily, this was the worst of it. She went to wash her hands 3 separate times, but ended up getting it all over herself again the second she sat back down.
Kiersten went for a double decker.
So Kara had to show her up with a triple decker...
that she could barely even get a bite of.
The last thing before we headed to the pool was to play with sidewalk chalk. It was sweltering out, so we didn't last too long out there.
Ben bought the girls these sidewalk stencils. They are pretty cool. They don't come off when it rains, so they can just go out and re-color them in. They are pretty easy to rub off, though, when you want them gone for good.
Those butterflies have been there for over a month now.

I helped Evie spell out " I love daddy". But she tried to color it in before it was dry, and it got messed up a little. He still noticed it, and could tell what it said.
Of course Kara took 10,000 years to do one stencil. She can be pretty perfectionist when it comes to anything artistic. I just let her do her thing. The other girls did 3-4 each while she worked on hers, and didn't quite end up finishing it before they all decided to go to the pool.
Kiersten had her first soccer practice on Saturday. She was excited and ready to get back to playing!
Afterward, she was tired and sweaty, and wanted nothing other than a shower. She is on a great team with lots of her little besties. It should be a fun season!

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