Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oh, oh, it's magic!

I took Evie to the Magic House on Friday after preschool. She was very excited to go. She always has to visit the babies in the nursery.

Doing a little grocery shopping.
Ben had the day off, so when he was done with lunch, he came and met us at the new China exhibit. Evie was very excited about it because she had just celebrated Chinese New Year at school.

She knew Kiersten would be jealous of all this panda love, so that made her enjoy it all the more.

She was too short to use the presidential podium very well.
But she did make a pretty great judge. It was a fun fun afternoon.
It has been really cold the last few weeks.  It's hard to believe that it was in the high 60's just a few weeks ago. The girls are getting pretty sick of getting all bundled up every morning.
This morning Kara got up early for her big math equations competition. Her team was the "Mad Mathers". She was really excited to go. She had to miss the first half of school to be able to go, but her teacher said she didn't really have anything to make up.
She was very proud of her shirt she made, and disappointed her team didn't win best costume. After the competition I picked her up and took her to school for the 2nd half of the day, and then she stayed after with Kiersten for their magic class.
Today was the last day for magic, so at 4:30 the parents were invited to attend a magic show performed by the kids. They were so cute doing their tricks. Kiersten's card trick was really good, and I honestly am not quite sure how she did it.
Kara's card trick was pretty good as well. And her outfit from the math competition fit in nicely with the magic show. The teacher even thanked her for dressing up.
Evie did kinda steal the show as a serial volunteer. I think she was the assistant for at least 6 or 7 tricks. With her funny comments, and joyful laugh, she was a very entertaining helper.
They also did a couple of funny skits.
After they each performed 2 tricks, they were awarded with their magic wands.
Since Kiersten was taking her second magic class, she got a special green one. She felt very proud, and has already asked several times tonight if she can take the summer class to improve her skills.
All in all, a pretty magical week.

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Nancy said...

Fun activities to keep busy during the cold!