Thursday, February 12, 2015

Making stuff with Evie Pie

Evie was disappointed when she asked for a banana, and then noticed they had turned pretty brown. I attempted to peel one for her, but it was such a mushy mess, that I asked if she'd rather make banana bread. She was all for it, and who knew it was such a kid friendly thing to bake? I'll have to keep it in mind for the future, because she could do almost all of the steps. All I had to do was measure out some of the ingredients for her. I also floured the baking pan, and then she was able to do all of the mixing herself. It turned out pretty tasty, and she convinced me to let her add chocolate chips to it. I'll sure miss our one on one time when she goes to kindergarten this fall.
I had the girls work on their valentine cards Tuesday night, since I knew the rest of the week was going to be busy. Kara didn't even get home last night until almost 7:30, so I'm glad we got the cards done, and it's one less thing to worry about. They had fun putting them together, but they hate not writing their friends' names on them. I have to agree. When I was in school it was very important to me which person got which card, but I do understand how much easier it is for the teachers. They even made some cards for Ben and me, which I deliberately tried not to notice.
Yesterday Evie begged to do a valentine craft. So I got out these cute mirrored frames I bought 2 years ago. I have always meant to print out pictures of the girls in cute red and pink outfits to put in them for a Valentine decoration, but haven't yet, so we decided to make pictures to put instead. She had a great time helping, and I even let her attempt to use the glue gun. She freaked out and dropped it, so I had to take back over, haha.
I just got out everything pink, purple, red, and heart related that I could see in my disaster of a craft room. We had to edit down several times because she had so many things she wanted to add, but I didn't want them to look ridiculous.
They turned out cute. I still want to print out pictures of the girls, but it will be hard to take out these pictures that Evie put so much thought into, and we created together. So Maybe I'll have to get new frames, or maybe I can put these in her baby scrapbook. I guess we'll wait and see if I ever get around to printing out the pictures before I worry about it.

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