Saturday, February 7, 2015

All the Sweet Stuff

Yesterday Kiersten and Evie were very excited for their date for the sweetheart dance to arrive. They both got fancied up in their dress of choice, hair was curled, and jewels were carefully chosen.
The doorbell rang, and the magical night began.
Ben and the girls ready for a night out on the town. Kara opted not to go this year, but regretted it a week after we signed up. Unfortunately it was too late to add her to the fun, so she got to hang out at home with me and Nic, who is visiting from Utah.
They were happily surprised when Queen Elsa arrived at the dance. Ben was very sweet to bring home a goodie bag and cupcake for Kara so she wasn't entirely left out.  
Nic and I were happy to be entertained by some of Kara's magic tricks. Then we spent the remainder of the evening playing Wii U.
Today Kara had a field trip with her Brownie scouts to tour a chocolate factory. The girls were pretty excited for it.
We got to wear these stylish paper hats instead of hairnets. I think only one person chose a hairnet.
It was very interesting to learn about their process for candy making.

At the end of the tour there were samples for all of us.
Kara did not like that her sample had sea salt on top.
It was a pretty fun outing! After Ben, Nic, and the little girls picked us up, we headed over to our favorite BBQ spot, and then to Kara's basketball game, where she was thrilled to get a basket. I think the game ended at 12-8, and Kara's team won! They have been on a losing streak, so I was very glad for them to get another win.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

I love seeing what you all do. Thanks for posting.