Friday, March 6, 2015

Pete the Cat and the New Guy

Kiersten was really nervous to try out for a part in the first grade musical. I talked her into trying anyway, and she got a lead role. She was very excited, though I was surprised. My first thought was honestly, "they couldn't have chosen someone more shy and quiet?" But I am a jerk for thinking that because she did a great job.
She was glad that she got to wear a skirt instead of jeans like the other kids. Her role was a boy character originally, and the teacher wanted to make sure she didn't feel badly about that, and wanted her to stand out. She really didn't care about Gus being a boy, though. She was just thrilled to get a part.
She asked if we could do a photo shoot before the play, so I told her she could do 3 different poses. She's a funny girl.
She woke up really nervous, and was shaking as she told me how scared she was. But we talked about some techniques to stay calm, and after rehearsal at school went well, she came home happy and ready to go.
I tried to get  a picture of her name in the program, but Ben covered her last name with his finger, ha.
There were a few wardrobe malfunctions. The teacher decided the shoe covers didn't look good, so she cut them off at the last minute while we were trying to get the microphone through her shirt and attached to her skirt. Also, the mic made it so her platypus hat didn't sit flat, and it fell off as she was walking on stage. I was nervous for a split second, but she recovered well, and just went on with her lines like nothing had happened. I was happily surprised that she handled it so well.
She said her lines nice and clearly. She said in rehearsal she was a little too quiet, but she did a great job during the play. She told me that having the audience there helped her do a better job.

Since she had the mic, she was supposed to lip sync along with the songs, but she did have one spot at the end where she accidentally sang out loud into the microphone. It was kind of funny, and she laughed it off pretty well.
Pete and Gus.

At this part she was supposed to be acting sad and sulking, and I told her she's a great actress, because I felt concerned, as though she actually were upset. It was hard to stay in my seat, even though I knew it was part of the story.
After the play she told me that she was over her stage fright, and wanted to do the play in front of one million people. She kept saying that she can't wait to be onstage again, and this is just the beginning of her "career" in acting.
We took the girls out to dinner afterward, and Kiersten was beyond pleased to get recognized by the Grandmother of one of her class mates at the restaurant. I don't know if I've ever seen her smile bigger. On Thursdays the kids eat free, and there is a balloon artist making things for them. Kiersten told him she was the star of a play, and he asked for her autograph. She got a kick out of that. She requested a mermaid hat. It was pretty extravagant.
Kara asked for a cat, big surprise. She also tried to brag about her own balloon tying skills.
Evie struggled to choose between Mickey and Elsa, but in the end her old pal Mickey won out. Now she is determined to go back another night for the Elsa balloon.

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