Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Girls on the Run 5K

Last Saturday was Kara's 5K for Girls on the Run. It was a brisk 22 degrees at 7:30.
She was excited to find all of her friends and get her hair spray painted green.
Ben made her wash the green out of her hair as soon as we got home. He didn't want to drive down to Kansas City with her sporting "Seahawks colors". She was kind of disappointed. She really wanted to show Kiersten, who was at a girl scouts event.
The crew ready to run!
She did a lot better than the practice 5K. I only let her walk 4 times, and just for a short while. I kept telling her if she slowed down she'd feel cold again.
She was crying by the end, but was proud that she did it. Her time was 41:27, so just under a 14 minute mile. That's better than she usually does for a mile, but I have seen her get closer to 13.
It was pretty flat, and kind of a fun little race. I was tempted to leave her behind a few times, but stayed back with her. I'm sure she'd have walked the rest of the way if I'd run ahead. It was kind of fun to get a good look around downtown, where we usually are just driving past. As cold as it was, it was not as bad as the Chiefs game the next day. Somehow sitting in freezing temperatures for hours feels much worse than running in the cold for less than an hour.
She has been helping with dinner more. I'm trying to let her cook 2 or 3 nights per week. She's doing great, but I need to keep a closer eye on her seasoning. She leans a little to the bland side, but always says that's how she likes it.
My birthday was Monday. I got to visit the girls at CCL for parent's day, and Evie took me out for breakfast. It was a good day.
There's just one person in the world I look at that way. He surprised me with pretty flowers and an ice cream cake. He also took care of dinner, and took Kara to basketball practice, which I totally consider the best gifts I could get. (But I'm still glad about the new iron, scentsy warmer, living room blankets, new silverware, and new sheets too.)
It was a nice family evening together.
Today after school Kiersten had some friends over, so we all baked cookies together. It was pretty fun, even though I burned one of the batches. Ben was in Chicago yesterday for work, so he took today off. So it was fun to pal around with him today. We usually have the kids in tow whenever he's off, so it was a fun day. I just like being around that guy.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

I'm so proud of Kara for running the 5K!! It looks like you had a nice birthday Becky, you have a generous husband, lucky girl.