Monday, November 10, 2014


Ben ordered this coat for Kiersten. Though she isn't smiling in the picture, she is so thrilled with it. She wants to wear it all the time. She says it makes her feel warm as a polar bear. She also got the night gown she's wearing with it.
Kara got a new sleep mask. It might just be working out for her, because she's been falling asleep earlier, and waking up early this past week. This morning she was up at 5AM.
Last week when I was straightening up, I grabbed Kiersten's blanket off the dining room table. Lo and behold, someone had left a cup with red Mio-water underneath it. So that went flying, and I had this lovely mess about 3 minutes before I needed to leave to pick up Evie from preschool. I cleaned it as much as I could, and then when I got back from picking her up, I used my carpet cleaner on the area for an hour and a half.
I finally got it this clean. The picture looks better than real life. It is really pink, and I'm now taking donations for the "Becky screwed up the carpet" fund. I don't know if it'll be cheaper to replace the carpet (it is a small room) or buy a big hutch to place in this corner. I have wanted something in there for a while.
On Saturday, Kara announced she'd be making dinner. So I suggested spaghetti, since that's pretty easy. I was nervous, because last week she set a pot of macaroni and cheese on fire. But she really wanted to do it herself. She even insisted on making meatballs, though I told her it would be easier just to make a meat sauce. Of course I had to sit there and tell her exactly what to do, but I didn't touch a pan, utensil, or any food. She was very proud.
The part she was most worried about was draining the pasta, but she did fine.
Everything tasted great. She even insisted on serving everyone herself. I told her she had to make a vegetable, so she picked broccoli. I was trying to get her to put more seasonings, but she said it was the way she wanted it. So we had slightly undercooked, bland broccoli, but it was a pretty successful first dinner. It did take kind of a long time, but it was worth the wait.
Yesterday, after we came back from Kiersten's last soccer game and bowling party, Kara really wanted to sew. She ended up making a hat and mittens. They are kind of funny, but she's over the moon excited about them. I let her wear the mittens to school today, but she chose to wear a different hat, and I didn't really blame her for that.
Of course, Kiersten and Evie had to have me make them something too once they saw Kara's mittens. Kiersten asked how fast I could make a dress. I threw this together in about 15 minutes. She is pretty happy with it. She wore it to school today. I think I might need to make a belt for it, or maybe a bow for the front.
I also made her this hat a few nights ago. She asked for an all pink hat with a flower.
Evie got a purple hat with a flower.
Karalee also wanted purple, so I put a bow instead of a flower so they'd look different.
This is the skirt I ended up making for Evie. I felt badly at first, because it didn't turn out very cute, and I didn't sew straight along the waist band. But she loves it and looks cute in it, so I guess it was a success after all. She wore it to the gym, but I probably wouldn't send her to school in it.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

I vote for buying a big hutch to put over the carpet stains. And tell Kara I am so proud of her for cooking dinner by herself! She is growing up way too fast.