Sunday, July 27, 2014

End of our Utah visit

Jackie told us all about a lake in Pleasant Grove, so we decided to take the kids over for the day. It was so fun, and not too hot.

Kiersten had fun showing off her swimming skills.
cute lil buddies.

Kiersten really had fun playing with Kyrie, and they slept by each other almost  every night we were there.
Perfect day for some swimming.

That beach ball sure caused a lot of excitement. It kept floating away, and everyone had a turn to have to swim after it. I was pretty sure Angie was going to drown when she swam out to get it.
I was super happy to get to eat at Pier 49 while we were there. It was our favorite pizza place when we lived in Salt Lake. We always went there with Ben's grandparents.
We also had a day at the park. It was another hot one, but not too terrible. The kids sure had a chance to burn off energy every day we were out there.
Kiersten got car sick on the way to the park. Fortunately, we were planning to camp in my parents yard that night, so I had a clean outfit for her in the car with us. She was pretty upset about the whole ordeal.

She cheered up before too long, and had a great time with her cousins.
She fell and hit her tooth, and was later kicked in the mouth by Evie. (on accident). So her loose tooth ended up getting really wiggly. By the time we got to my parent's house, it had fallen out.
We set up the tents, and the kids had a great time in the yard. One of the tents flooded, so they all ended up crowded into one tent, and a few of us ended up sleeping indoors. Kiersten was particularly worried about sleeping outside, but she ended up doing it. The tooth fairy even managed to find her out there, so that was exciting for all.

The next day, we took the kids to a splash pad. Boy was I surprised when I spotted this ballerina walking over. And even more surprised when I saw that it was my nephew, Zack! He wanted to surprise me, and it worked out that I was the first one to see him, so it was a pretty funny few minutes.
Cuddle time! He said lots of people stopped him on his way there to take his picture. He had skateboarded over with his ninja friend.

Later that evening, we had a little pre-birthday party for Evie. She kept saying it was her fake birthday.

I was glad we got to see my parents a bit. They are doing a stay-home mission, so I didn't want to interfere or interrupt them in that, but they had some free time in the evenings that they were able to spend with us, so I was happy about that.
We had such a fun and busy visit. We got to see everyone lots, and the kids just had such a blast! My sisters and I are already talking about the next visit, hope it's soon :)

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