Monday, June 2, 2014

Slumber party

Karalee had a slumber party on Friday night. She has been super excited all week. We ordered pizza for them, and kept things easy with paper plates and cups.
Kara got about 20 bottles of nail polish in the raffle basket she won. So they had their pick of colors. They mostly did a good job with giving each other manis and pedis. I did have one little girl with red nail polish all over her fingers. I removed it all and did her nails myself since she was a little upset about it. She ended up happy.
They played lots of air hockey.
They also did each others' hair.
fabulous little sleeper-overers.
I think they had the most fun doing facials. Kara had 2 masks, a clear one that peeled away, and a green clay mask. So each girl got to choose which one she wanted.
The clear mask smelled pretty good, and peeled off rather easily.
But they really got a kick out of the clay masks.They ran around pretending to be zombies.
Kiersten's bff got to sleep over as well. Aren't they too cute???
I had to wash off the clay. It didn't peel off.

No one put a mask on Evie, and she felt badly. So I decided to put some on her. She was very happy to be included.
Look at all that fresh, dewy skin! They went on and on about how soft and clean their faces were. It was pretty great.
All snuggled up and ready for movie time! They ate tons of popcorn and candy. So it should be no surprise that they were up late. Ben went down at 1:30, and a few of them were asleep. Kiersten woke me up around 4, so I went down to check on them, and only Evie and one other girl were sleeping. The rest had either not fallen asleep yet, or already been woken. So I turned off all the lights and tv, and they fell asleep soon after. I let them sleep in til 8:30ish. I was planning to wake them after 9, but one girl was awake and bored. She kept asking when they'd wake up, so I decided we should go get them up. We had breakfast and a dance party until the parents came to get the girls. It was a fun time. I may have happened to see a journal entry of Kara's that she left on her desk describing it as the best night of her whole entire life.
Kara got the idea for these party favors in her slumber party book. She put all the goodies on a paper plate, and then stapled another plate on top. We glued on hello kitty pics to go with her theme. I had her leave the top unstapled, and tied it with a ribbon to keep everything in, but so the girls could easily get them open.
They also made lipgloss with Kara's kit she had. It turned out really sticky, but they loved doing it, and didn't seem to mind wearing the sticky, heavily scented lipglosses they created.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

You have the most creative ideas. You are a great mom for my grandchildren.