Friday, February 21, 2014

St. Valentine's Day 2014

For Valentine's Day, we had our usual heart shaped pizza. It was pretty tasty. We got it from one of my favorite places this year, Pizzarelli's.
My little Valentine's were so sweet.  
I remembered the rose napkins that were on the table at a restaurant in Disneyworld, so I looked up how to make them. I thought they turned out pretty cute. The girls just loved them.
The girls were excited to open all their cards and gifts.

Evie got some stuffed animals from her current favorite show, Doc McStuffins. I think she finally has all the friends she has been wanting.
My funny little Kiersten. She's been having a great time with her new diary and princess book.
Kara couldn't have been more thrilled about her new figures for Disney infinity. She went straight downstairs to play.
Pretty short and sweet! I got spoiled with roses, Chocolate covered strawberries, perfume, and gift cards to one of my favorite stores.
Hope you all had a wonderful day full of love!


bmills said...

also, you got your laundry room...

Ben and Becky said...

the laundry room was an anniversary gift, silly...

Ben and Becky said...
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