Monday, February 24, 2014

It was almost spring...

We had a couple of nice days last week. The girls were so happy to play outside. They rode bikes one afternoon (no pictures), and on Friday I took them to the park to play after school. They sure had a lot of energy to burn off.
It was 60 out, but Evie wouldn't take off her jacket, because she was all excited about the new rain coat Ben ordered for her. I need to get a picture of the matching boots, they're super cute.
Kiersten found a couple little boys from her kindergarten class to play with, so we didn't see much of her.

Kara wanted to stay for dinner, but I had planned on lasagna, and didn't think that would work well to take to the park. I thought we might do lunch at the park over the weekend, but it got cold again.
The pond was still mostly frozen. Kara actually wanted to wade in the foot of melted ice around the edge to retrieve some Cheetos someone had thrown out onto the pond. Where do these ridiculous ideas come from???
They thought it was pretty hilarious to see the ducks waddling around on top of the ice. Maybe I'll save up some bread crusts for when it warms up again.
Kiersten is my sweet girl. There is just no better word for her than sweet.
Kara showing off her awesome dangling skills! (just kidding, she was flipping over the bar, not just dangling)
Of course, we are back down to 35 again today :(   And a lady at the gym told me to expect snow on Thursday (hopefully not!) But it was nice to have a week of spring, and hopefully there is more to come. The birds sure seem to think it's spring time.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

Evie's new Minnie Mouse rain coat is darling! It has been unusually warm here too. It was 50 degrees outside yesterday and I spent quite awhile outside with the kids in the back yard.