Thursday, November 14, 2013

Disney Wonder

We had so much fun on our cruise. I was so excited for my parents to go, and it was so fun being on the cruise with them. Here we are getting ready to board. 
Mickey was there to meet all the kids before we got on the ship. I'm pretty sure I got some good shots of the ship from the outside, but since I lost my little waterproof camera in the ocean, you'll just have to imagine how great they were. 
The girls loved the Ariel statue. Kiersten kept saying we were on Ariel's ship. 
The girls wanted to put on their Minnie ears first thing. Then we headed up for the lifeboat drill. 
At first the girls kept fighting over who got to push which button on the elevator, but by the end of the cruise, Ben and I would just hurry and push it before they got a chance to argue about it. Kara and Kiersten were fighting a lot at first. Kiersten even got kicked out of the oceaneer's club for fighting with Kara too much. So they both had major talkings-to, time outs, and couldn't go back to the oceaneer club or lab for a while. After that they pretty much stopped fighting.
Kara had so much fun at the sail-away deck party. I can't remember why, but Kiersten was pouting, and didn't have as much fun as the rest of us. 

The only dolphins we saw were as we were leaving Galveston. 

After the golden Mickeys show, these 2 gathered up a bunch of streamers, and were a little bummed when Ben made them throw them away. 
Formal night. I wished I had gotten a more formal dress, but I got such a great deal on this one, so I can't be too regretful. 
We had the late dinner at 8:15, so we wouldn't feel rushed back from the ports, but several times, I wished we had the early dinner instead. 

The "wonder" is a little smaller than the "Dream", but still really feels pretty huge when you're on,  or near it. 
At breakfast one morning, the wait staff made hats out of napkins for everyone. Kiersten's was my favorite. 
Kara, Evie, and Mom all had the same hat. I think it's maybe supposed to be maleficent???

And of course, Dad, the king of pepper mill land. 
Kara and Kiersten were super excited to participate in the kids vs. adults game. The kids won, and they were pretty excited about their prize of free ice cream and soda, until Ben ruined the magic by reminding them that the ice cream and soda is always free. It was sad to see Kiersten's excited grin drop away so abruptly.
Since the waterproof camera was lost at sea, and that's the only one we took to Jamaica and Grand Caymans, I have no pictures to share from those ports. Hopefully I'll be able to get some from my parents. In Jamaica, we just shopped, and Kara got her hair braided. Then we found someone to take us to an old church we had spotted from the ship. It was a lot of walking, but still fun. And I got this delicious "bigga mango" drink! 
In grand cayman, we went for a ride in a semi submarine, It was pretty fun, and we saw so many interesting fish. the girls were the most excited about the sting rays. I think those are the pictures I'm the most sad about losing. After the semi-sub, we went to the beach for a few hours. It was a great beach, and we had a fun time there. Kiersten made a huge seashell collection, and was a little sad to leave it behind, until I assured her that another little girl would come along to enjoy the shells. I did let her bring home a few small shells. I think the beach here was my favorite part of the trip, everyone was so happy. I actually have some pictures from Cozumel, so I'll talk about that in another post. 

We had a weird vibration in our room that would come and go, but was particularly annoying at night. Ben complained, and they offered us a different room, but I didn't want to be separated from my parents, as they had Kara and Kiersten in their room. So we stayed in the vibrating room. The guest services showed up with these stuffed animals for Evie a little later. She was sure excited.
On pirate night, Evie and Keirsten both fell asleep early, and Dad stayed in the room with them. So it was just Ben, Mom, Kara, and me for dinner. 
I thought I was making a pirate face for all the pictures, but turns out, it doesn't look as pirate-y as I thought it did. so now I have all these weird pictures, haha. Ben and I decided to eat our entire dinner with our plastic hooks on. It was challenging, but funny. I did mess up a few times, but Ben was completely dedicated. 
Ben got tired and decided to go to bed with the little girls, so Kara and I attended the pirate deck party with my parents. She had so much fun. I can't remember the last time I've seen her truly enjoy herself like that. 
i lost all the pictures from the mickey pool and slide, but I do have a couple from this pool. We had really rough water on the last day, and the other pools were closed, since they're so shallow. So everyone was at the goofy pool. The water was sloshing back and forth, and it actually made some pretty fun waves.

I had to capture this fun moment! We definitely made use of the unlimited ice cream supply. My favorite was the mango flavor. It's a good thing they put that one out toward the end of the week, or I may have eaten a lot more. 
On the last night after dinner, I got a birthday dessert. But I had already ordered dessert, so they brought both. 
I'll post all of the character pictures and cozumel pictures in a later post, as this is getting long, and I'm kinda tired. So check back soon!

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