Thursday, October 31, 2013

A very princessy Halloween

The girls all dressed up like princesses for Halloween. They talked Ben into getting them these dresses when we were at Disneyworld in January. At the time we told them they'd have to wear them for Halloween. We got Kara a size too large, so she could grow into it, but it was still too big. Maybe she'll wear it again next year...
I forgot to take single pictures of them, but did get some group shots. Evie dressed as Cinderella, Karalee dressed as Rapunzel (and loved having long hair again!) Kiersten dressed as Ariel, of course. I keep waiting for her to start liking a different princess, but she's been all about ariel since she was 2, and doesn't seem to be getting tired of it yet. 
We went to a party at a friend's house before going trick or treating. It was pretty fun, and there were so many kids running around.
A group shot of all the kids (or at least most of them. there might be a few missing)
Evie kept asking why her friend Tyson wasn't dressed as a price. Not sure why she was expecting him to be, but apparently she thought he would be her prince charming. 
It was raining pretty good, so we all hid out in the garage. 

I thought we wouldn't get many trick or treaters, but as soon as the rain let up, all the kids were out. We didn't have as many as last year, but still enough to keep me hopping.
I couldn't think of a good way to stand to show off my kitty tail, so you'll just have to imagine a furry black cat tail pinned to the back of my pants. 
Yesterday was Evie's costume parade at school. It was hard to get pictures, because I was standing in line, handing out candy. The kids went by super fast. Luckily it didn't rain on us. 

She was really excited to get some cheese puffs, pretzels, and rice krispy treats. She kept asking on the way home if she could have to cheese puffs with her lunch. It gave her great incentive to eat her sandwich right away. 

The girls wanted to make cupcakes last night to take to the Halloween party today. I let Kara get the camera out, and she documented the baking. 

Kiersten took this picture right after I said, "if you take a picture of me, I'm going to insist you stand on a chair so you don't get a horrible angle." Then she just snapped away...
We made 3 colors of frosting. I think I make the best buttercream, but Ben wont acknowledge my prowess. (Kara stood on a chair to take this one)

I let Kara and Kiersten frost the cupcakes, and Evie got to stick on candy eyes. 
Monster cupcakes! I also made a couple of pumpkin ones when we ran out of eyes. 

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Nancy said...

They all looked cute! It's so fun to dress them up. Hope you are having fun being a real princess this week on your cruise! I'm already SO jealous, ha! :)