Friday, November 29, 2013


Nancy was back with her kids on Wednesday on their way out of town. The girls really wanted to to an art project for Thanksgiving. So I had them trace their hands to make thankful trees. 
Tommy made a hand turkey instead. 
I made Evie think of something she is thankful for to put on each leaf. she had lots of leaves, and is thankful for lots of disney characters. 
Whitney's pretty tree. 

Kara didn't want to make a tree, so she made a Thanksgiving hat for Whitney. 
So then Kiersten needed me to make one for her. Kara made one for Tommy, and a pilgrim hat for Tucker, but I guess I didn't get a picture of those. 
This is the hat Keirsten made for me. I also didn't get a picture of Evie in her turkey hat she made at school.
playing duck duck goose.
Kiersten spent forever making this hat for Kara. Kara wasn't really a fan, but I made her wear it anyway to be nice.
Tommy really wanted to have a race, so we all got our coats on and spent a little time out in the front yard. 

It was really cold out, so when we came back in, Kiersten begged for hot chocolate. 
After the Sutherlands left, Evie helped me back a cheesecake for Thanksgiving. 

I had 2 cute little helpers on Thanksgiving morning, while Ben was playing football. They were a lot more excited for the holiday than I would have expected. 
Kiersten was so proud to set the table. I did have to help her quite a bit, but she really wanted to have a say in what went where. 
Kara spent a good amount of the day playing nintendo, so she was happy. She doesn't often have time to play for very long.

Ben's frined, Mike came over for dinner. The girls are always excited to have a guest to climb on.
I let Kara take a few pictures, so these last 3 are hers. There were a lot of really strange ones, but she got some decent shots. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

It looks like you had a really nice Thanksgiving. I missed seeing your family. I love Kara's last picture of Kiersten.