Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trunk or Treat and school parade!

Ben has been bugging me to take pictures of the trees behind our house. I know I have some from about a week before this one was taken, but can't seem to find them today.
Last wednesday was Kiersten's costume parade at school. She dressed up like a purple flower. She calls her costume "Purple posey". 
All the parents lined up along the sidewalk to give them candy. The red crayon to the left is her teacher. 

The 2 year olds got to watch the parade, but not participate, which was heart breaking for poor Evie.
On Friday, Kara and Kiersten were so excited for Nancy's family to arrive. I had to keep thinking of things for them to do to pass the time. So I decided to let them make caramel apples. 
Kiersten asked me to take a picture to show off her spider hair do. She said everyone at school was afraid of her. 
spooky halloween faces. 
I pre-cut the apples, and let the girls skewer them. I wouldn't do it again, as it was ridiculously hard to get the caramel to stick to the cut side. 
Once I had the caramel on, they dipped them in sprinkles. 

They tasted fine, but the caramel melted off by the end of the night. 
Once Victor and Nancy showed up, we all went over to the church for trunk or treat. Ben took pictures of the kids while I decorated the trunk, but all the pictures came out super blurry. Whitney is the little ghost in the white tutu, and Kara is in the blue jump suit. You can also see Tommy there behind Nancy. 
He was just adorable in his little ghost outfit, and Keirsten dressed up in her purple posey costume again. 
Since Kara couldn't find a batman costume she liked, she decided to be captain America. As unexcited as I originally was about that, she looked really cute. 
Evie slept/cried through most of the fun, so here she is in her Minnie Mouse costume back at home. She threw a royal fit when I took her costume off. 

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

The kids are SO CUTE in their costumes! I miss them all.