Monday, October 15, 2012

Girls' room makeovers

I'm really excited about my new custom shelving in my craft room closet. We had it put in on Friday.  I've got the closet all organized and filled up, but I'll wait to share pictures until I'm finished with everything I'm doing in there. We are going to be putting a bed in there too, so we can have a second guest room. I've got it painted, and I'm really excited about how it turned out. Once we get the bed, bedding, curtains, and finishing touches, I'll get some pictures.

When I was taking pictures of my new closet, I remembered, I still haven't put pictures of what we did in the girls rooms. We did most of this back in June, but it's never too late for pictures, right? This is Kiersten's room. She picked pink for the paint, and we had the beadboard installed. I was going to wait til I got the dresser painted to take pictures, but oh well. the dresser has pen all over the side and on the drawers, so I plan on painting it to match her bed.
We had to paint her bed to cover all the pen marks on it, so we decided to go with white for the ends, and painted the side rails a lipstick pink. It was miserable painting in the garage in 105° weather, but it turned out pretty cute. Her room is bigger than in our last place, so that rug is way too small. But it works for now until we get it replaced.

We also had her closet customized, since she just has the one small dresser. I love how it turned out, and I love having everything up off the floor.
this side is for her hanging clothing.
And she has her bathroom just the way she wants it.
This is Karalee's bathroom. She loves having her own space, and it's nice that she can take care of herself pretty well these days. She pulled the towel rack off the wall, using it as a ballet barre. So once that gets fixed, she'll have somewhere to hang her towel up again.
She shares her tub/shower and toilet part with Evie, so that's how it ended up decorated with Mickey Mouse stuff. She likes showering by herself now, instead of having to take a bath with her sisters.
Kara decided she wanted her room to be painted purple. We let her choose 2 shades of purple. I didn't really like these 2 colors in the store, but it turned out really cute. We had the chair rail installed to divide the 2 colors more cleanly. Her rug is also too small, so she'll probably need a different eventually too.
I'm so glad we did their rooms right away. If we were decorating her bedroom now, she'd for sure want a super hero theme, and I'm not sure I could let her do it.
I hated the curtain rods, and was set on getting rid of them, but Ben decided to paint them the same dark purple on her wall, and now I love them! They used to be an ugly, dark wood grain, and I was surprised how much better I liked them after a little paint.
She didn't get a custom closet, but she does have a walk in, which is pretty nice, except when she "cleans up" her room, she just shoves everything in there. I painted it purple too.
This is Evie's part of the bathroom. There's not much in there now, but I'm sure as she gets older it'll start filling up with stuff.
We haven't done anything to Evie's room yet, but I do have some ideas. So later this picture will be good for a before/after comparison. Evie got new bedroom furniture when we moved in. Her bed is a trundle, so that will be nice for when we have lots of company at the same time.
The other side of Evie's room.
They all love their rooms, and it is nice to have them separated. Hopefully Evie's room will get some attention before the end of the year.


Rachelle Young said...

super cute! I love all their rooms. They turned out sooo cute! Love the bead board & paint. You are so lucky to have that awesome craft room closet. Way jealous :)

Vicky Van Sickle said...

The girls' bedrooms are nice, lucky girls!

Angelique said...

so cute! That is awesome that they all get their own room! You are so good at decorating! I think I need lessons from you!