Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Super Baby!

We found this super cute onesie at six flags on sunday, and Evie had to have it. Though it's a supergirl one, she keeps calling it her "batman jammies".
not sure how Ben got her to hold this pose, but I think it's so cute.
She even has a little cape on the back. She was running all over last night saying, "fly! fly! fly!"
Today Kara got out of school 3 hours early, so I decided to do some crafts with the girls. The first thing we made were ghosts. They each got a styrofoam ball, a piece of white fabric, and a long piece of ribbon.
I just had them wrap the fabric around the ball and tie the ribbon as a neck. Pretty quick and easy for them.

Then we made faces with sharpies.
I put a face on Evie's, and she wanted nothing to do with it, once she saw.

None of the girls would keep their eyes open for a picture. It was all I could do to even get Evie to hold hers long enough for a picture.
I sewed a few loose loops on the top of the heads, and then hung them from the tree with some yarn. Here are Kara and Kiersten acting scared.
I also decided to make a halloween tree. I saw something like this on pinterest, but couldn't find it again, so I just had to figure out my own instructions. It wasn't very hard at all. I cut a bunch of 1" pieces of scrapbook paper, curled the bottom with scissors, and started pinning them around from the bottom up.
I just did that all the way up. I think I could have used fewer patterns, but didn't want to undo and redo it by the time I realized it looked kinda busy. I also cut way too many strips.
I liked the way it turned out, but the top was bothering me, so I decided to make a star for the top. I cut 3 stars from white paper, and just glued the patterned paper on each side, and then slit it from the bottom and top, so it would fit together like a puzzle.
Since I had 30-40 extra strips, I asked the girls if they wanted to use them to make some spooky houses. It was fun to see how differently Kara and Kiersten did their pictures. Kiersten made a house with lots of windows, and then glued the patterned paper in all the windows. Kara cut out the little potion bottles, witch hats, candies, etc from the scrapbook paper, and used those to decorate her house.

There are still a lot of strips left, so I'll have to think of some more projects later.
Evie was so glad to get to participate, and I didn't help her with it at all. She did all her own gluing and sticking the pieces on, and she couldn't be more proud of her picture.


bmills said...

I love Superbaby!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Superbaby sure does have cute outfit! And your tree sure turned out nice, you are very creative Becky.