Monday, October 8, 2012

sick day

Kara woke up with a stomach ache, fever, and diarrhea this morning, so I decided to keep her home from school. She was all dressed and ready to go, so she was a little bummed to stay home. If not for the fever, I probably would have just sent her. But she just happened to have a dr. appt scheduled today with our new pediatrician to get into their system and get a flu shot. So I just kept the appointment at 4:30, and was surprised they still gave her the flu shot. She seems to be feeling fine, but is kinda trying to milk being sick. that is, until I mention something she can't have or do, being sick, and then she suddenly feels better.
I decided with all the girls home, it'd be a good day to put out some halloween decorations.
The girls were able to do quite a bit of it this year, so it went quicker than I expected.

All Evie cared about was laying claim to the trick or treat buckets. She would start screaming if anyone else so much as touched any of them.
I put up all the outside decorations myself, since it was a little chilly. When I went to download the pictures I took, I found that Kara and Kiersten had been taking some pictures of their own while I was out there.

My guess is Kiersten told her to make a funny face, but she was more interested in watching Batman Forever.
This is my favorite of the ones they took. Kiersten looks so proud, thinking she was so sneaky, all the while leaving incriminating photographic evidence of their little caper.

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