Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day of Preschool, and other fun

Kiersten and Evie got to go to their preschool today for a back to school day. They got to play in their classrooms with their teacher and new friends, while the parents went to a meeting with the school director. They were both really excited this morning.
Evie was happy to jump right in and start playing. She was kind of sad when we left, and I had to keep telling her she gets to come back tomorrow. She will be going on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Her class is the darling ducklings.
Kiersten has been asking when she could go to school for a few months. She's been particularly excited this past week, and woke up early a few times and came in to ask if it was her first day of school yet. She will be going 4 days a week, Tuesday -Friday. Her class is the gentle giraffes, and she already made friends with boy named, Luke, and was careful to tell me he's just a friend, not a prince.
Best school buddies.
With Kara gone at school, the other two have been having lots of fun together. They are fighting a lot less too.
We still enjoy lunch on the deck, though it's been raining a lot lately, so we haven't eaten out there for almost a week.

Kiersten was excited to paint her ceramic plates she got from aunt Jackie.
Evie was a little jealous.

She said this one is a cowboy without a nose.
and this is a storm with a tornado and lightning. She is very proud to have these displayed in her bedroom now.
One day last week, Kiersten said she was a snowflake flutter princess. She said her job is to bring sunshine and flowers to the world.
Evie just having fun hanging out.

friday night we had a family movie night. The girls got pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals, and we all watched the Lorax.
All 3 of them watched the entire movie without getting up or running around. And I didn't have a popcorn mess to clean up either, so it was a great success!


Bmills said...

what cute movie patrons

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I wish we had been getting some rain. It has been so dry here and the wildfires in Idaho are really bad. Thanks for posting so many pictures of your cute girls!

Angelique said...

So cute! We bought the same outfit that Keirsten has on for the first day of school for Britlee for christmas. Shh don't tell her! :) Your girls are so pretty! We love and miss you guys so much already!